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Hello and welcome! 

I'm so glad you're here! Allow me to introduce myself...I'm Lauren Kepler, and I'm a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach. 


I serve those who struggle to consistently practice habits and rituals that help them become more centered, inspired, and productive. If that sounds like you, then you're in the right place! 


Why am I so passionate about this work?


I always looked at people who were driven, motivated, and successful and thought they were born with something I lacked. 


It wasn't until I gave up on obsessive body and weight loss goals that kept me distracted for years, and instead started implementing habits and rituals into key areas of my life that I really began to see a transformation. 


Slowly, I started becoming like those people I had always admired, but felt were out of reach. When I talked, others began to listen. I became more bold. I developed a level of confidence I never imagined possible for me. Most importantly, I was more joyful and vibrant than ever before. Through these habits, I was uncovering my true and ideal self! It's like I was simplifying and peeling back the layers of who I truly was, and discovering the side of myself that I always felt was buried deep inside. 


Now I've designed my coaching business all around helping you to strategically build and implement habits that fit your individual needs and lifestyle, in order to help you become your ideal best self in business and in life. Let's get started! Click here now for the next step in your journey.