What is "All-or-Something" Living?  

All-or-Something Living Description.png


This is a concept I’ve created to help others adopt a mindset of “all or some” when it comes to health rather than “all or none”. Meaning, you can mix unhealthy habits with healthy habits in your every day life. It doesn’t have to be 2 weeks of super unhealthy followed by 2 weeks of healthy…every day you can have a mixture of both. This is a way to stay balanced, and feeling good in your everyday life rather than feeling like crap most of the time, and still feeling like crap after that because you think that getting “healthy” means going on a diet and depriving yourself…feeling weak, “hangry” and/or eating foods you don’t even like in the first place, doing exercise that feels more like torture.

I created this concept because I feel like it’s really needed in our extremist society. We often put all of our eggs in one basket or the other, or thinking in terms of “black-or-white”. We tend to forget that there is a gray area somewhere in there. We use terms to disguise our dieting or disordered behaviors such as “clean eating”. Yet it follows the same concept of “eat a certain way or feel shame if you don’t”. People go on diets or get “healthy” and often shame those around them who aren’t doing the same. The spread of incorrect information around nutrition, weight, food, etc. is so overwhelming that people are left having no idea what the heck to do or whose advice to take.

All the conflicting information leaves people feeling less trustworthy of their own inner wisdom, less connected to their bodies, and more sick. I too felt the same way….that I wanted to find that “perfect solution” that would somehow push me to eat super healthy and never miss a day at the gym. Not knowing that the solution was much different from what I ever anticipated…and much scarier at first, but life changing once I got the hang of it. I don’t want to fight the “war on obesity” or encourage people to lose weight, because I feel that’s irrelevant and I know the truth about weight and healthy habits anyway, and my mission is to spread that truth.

I want people to start feeling more connection to themselves, others, their lives. To wake back up and start living again. To stop having their head buried in their FitnessPal app or their tub of ice cream. I want people to know what true health feels like for possibly the first time in their lives. I want to spread the news that you don’t have to be hungry anymore! Or you never again have to eat food that you don’t like. Or torture yourself with that gym session if you don’t want it. There is a somewhere in between, and a way to live life without being obsessed over food or health in the first place. After all, we’re here to live to the fullest and experience connection and love–not to morph our bodies into a shape that we think will magically bring us those things. You can get those things without the torture of dieting, or “clean eating” or doing anything you don’t wanna do.