Who I am, and What I Believe


If you know me well, then you'll know that many of my sentences begin with "the other day on a podcast I heard"...

So...the other day on a podcast, I heard something about truly knowing who you are and what you stand for in order to gain more confidence.

I know a lot about who I am and what I believe in, but it's not something I've ever written down. And in a world where many of us are saturated with opinions on what we should believe and who we should be, I think we could all benefit from really getting to know ourselves better.

I wrote all of what I'm about to share with you in my journal, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I had to say. I actually had to stop myself because I knew I could write pages and pages. Then I decided to share it. Not because I felt that you must know all these things about me, but to inspire you to dig deep within yourself and explore what you're all about. Because I understand the well known saying that if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.

ALSO, through this process I uncovered that I most likely am shy and hold back because I have a lot of controversial opinions and beliefs. As a non-confrontational person, that scares me because I know that when some people get to know the real me, they won't like me. Especially some friends and family that have been in my life for a long time...so that's something I'll have to work on being okay with. It's more important for me to be true to myself, than to pretend to be someone I'm not just to please others.

So here goes...

I'm funny. I'm intelligent. I'm a writer, a blogger, a teacher, a natural leader. I'm sensitive, yet passionate. I can have a temper if I don't know where to channel my passionate energy. I'm strong, powerful. Quiet, mainly because I have a lot of thoughts and ideas circulating in my mind at all times. I'm also busy observing and analyzing people's behaviors and actions

In an ideal world, I would be honest 100% of the time, but that's not always the case.

I identify as an empath. I feel other people's energy very strongly. I'm introverted. I can be shy and take time to warm up to people. That's something I'm working on changing, because I don't enjoy being shy. My theory is that I hold back because I fear being hurt, exposed, or vulnerable.

I love to challenge myself through intense exercise. I love to center myself through yoga. I love to dance, laugh. I sing, I play guitar and would love to play more instruments. My taste in music varies as much as my interests do.

I'm a natural coach and I've been coaching people since before I knew I could make it into a career.

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat-I believe in piecing my opinions together individually instead of boxing myself into one category. I'm not religious. I was raised Christian, and tried to continue the faith as an adult, but I was lying to myself by pretending I believed. Just like my political beliefs, I don't like to label or box myself in when it comes to my spirituality. I used to adopt other people's beliefs to make them more comfortable, and to like me more, but now I prefer to think for myself. I hear ideas, feel them in my body, do my own research, and decide what I believe. I'm aware that my way of thinking and living wouldn't work for everyone.

I haven't figured out my stance on gun control yet. But I do know that something needs to change--and I'm proud of all the people who bravely took steps to start a conversation around that.

I'm okay with offending people, because I know that I never intend to offend them. If someone gets offended by something I say or do, that's their responsibility. It's not my load to carry.

I can be a perfectionist, and it's easy for me to fall into the trap of self-loathing and being too hard on myself...so extreme views, diets, harsh judgments, black and white thinking, etc. don't work well with me.

I do better one-on-one than in crowds, because I prefer to focus all my attention on one person rather than having to divide it. I'm easily overstimulated. I need structure, but not too much or I'll become uptight. I take care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually because I know that if I don't I'll be a grumpy, scattered, depressed, antisocial mess.

I believe in social justice. We're all human with different paths, and some of us have lost the way. I believe we all ultimately want the same thing, just in different ways. I believe it's okay not to have all the answers. Nobody does.

I believe habits influence health much more than weight does.

I think talking things out is the best way to make change. I don't believe in leading by intimidation.

I believe we were all put on this earth with something special to offer. Not everyone discovers their gifts before they die, and I think that's really sad. I believe the world needs more love.

I believe there is no one correct way to be, believe, or think. Our diversity adds to the world, and it should be celebrated, not feared.

I like to listen more than I speak, because I know most people are craving to be heard.

It's taken a really long time, but I can finally say I love myself, and I'm my biggest supporter.

Sharing all of this has left me feeling naked, exposed, and nervous yet empowered. I know nerves can be a really good thing. Doing things that scare me are what make me grow the most.

Now it's your turn! Who are you, and what do you believe?