What are you Really Trying to Achieve Through Weight Loss?


I hear this all the time... "I need to lose weight!" Notice the emphasis on the "need". It's so normalized for us to believe that we should lose weight, but not many of us really understand why.

Some other time I'll address the screwed up truth behind why as a society we always think we should be thinner. But for now, I'm shining some light on what you're really trying to achieve through weight loss. 

It's easy to believe there's some pot of gold at the end of the weight loss rainbow...I also believed that once! But the truth is, weight loss is simply weight loss. Maybe more confidence comes along with it? But if that confidence is dependable on the size of your body, it's pretty shaky to begin with. Sometimes it leads to improved health, but the improved health is due to a change in habits, not weight loss. And no, healthier habits do not automatically induce weight loss. It will only do so for those above their healthy weight in the first place. 

This week I'll walk you through a personal experience I had with wanting to lose weight. I've vowed to myself that I never again will purposefully try to lose weight, but will instead focus on taking great care of my body. 

Weight loss thoughts still come up, and usually there's a deeper meaning hidden within them. I explain it all right here...

Now tell me...

When you say the words "I want to lose weight", I have a few questions for you...

  1. Why?? 
  2. What desires do you feel weight loss will give you? List them all out!
  3. Is there a way to go after those desires without achieving weight loss? (Keep in mind, this doesn't mean you have to completely give up your desire to lose weight. I'm just asking you if it's possible to put aside that goal for now, and just go straight for what you want to achieve)

Feel free to reply in the comments, email me at lauren.m.kepler@gmail.com, or keep your answers private!

If you don't know how to make your weight loss related desires happen without weight loss, I have some examples. First of all, weight loss does not promise more energy, more confidence, lower blood pressure, etc. 

Here is how you can go after those things directly. If weight loss comes along during these changes, then alright! But it's not necessary, so if you don't lose weight along the way, it does not mean you have failed...

Want more energy? Sleep more, drink less caffeine and more water, work on managing your stress levels. More confidence? Work on your relationship with yourself. Do some body image work while you're at it! Lower blood pressure? Add some more whole foods into your meals every day. 

Come up with your own examples and put them in the comments! If you're not sure how to achieve the goals without weight loss, let me know and I'll help you figure it out. 

Most important of all...remember that you aren't obligated to lose weight. We all have a different size that's healthy for us. Heck...you're not even obligated to be healthy if you don't want to! Your life, your rules. It's all about finding what works for you!