The Real Truth About your Health Goals


We've been led to believe that our health is determined by a number on the scale, or the size of our bodies. When we're feeling low on energy, confidence, and down on ourselves...we go straight to the weight. We think our bodies are wrong, and we need to change them. Or we need to go to extremes for the sake of "health".


So we do what we've been taught, we change the way we eat, and we start a workout routine. Eat less, exercise more. Right? Eat clean. Eat "good" foods and avoid "bad" foods. It's simple (or is it?) So we do just that! We ask around...what's everyone else doing? What worked for your friend? Paleo? Let's go vegan for a month. Keto? Low carb? Weight Watchers? We tell ourselves that we have to make it to the gym for a certain amount of times a week. No pain no gain. If we're not sweating, or hating it, or feeling miserable in some way...we must not be doing it right. 


We tell ourselves "this is it! I'm really gonna stick to it this time". We make these changes. Maybe it's fun, maybe it sucks. BUT we hang on, because we know there's supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of this weight loss rainbow. And guess what? There IS! We start to see the scale budge. We see the size of our bodies shrink. We're SO excited, and we can't wait to tell everyone about it. We shout it from the roof tops. We get that carrot, because everyone else is so proud of us too. They praise us. They envy us. And it feels so good. Our confidence level shoots up. We suddenly love looking at ourselves in the mirror a lot more than we did before. All is good. 


Then a few days, weeks, months, maybe even years goes by, and life happens. We decide to have a fun summer where we don't worry about what we eat. Maybe it's a lazy winter and we don't exercise at all. Maybe we experience a breakup. A death. Maybe we're super stressed.


Whatever the reason...the weight begins to creep back on. And because we've built a shaky foundation, and a weak shatters. And we're back to feeling unworthy, low on confidence, and worse yet...angry at ourselves. Angry that we let ourselves go. Unworthy because everyone will judge us for gaining the weight back. Low on confidence because we truly believe our worth is determined by the size of our bodies. 


We're back to square one. We begin the cycle over again. This time, maybe getting back to the same routine we were in. Maybe this time trying a new way. We're in search of the "magic pill".

Or we think it's on us. We're broken. We think "I just need to muster some willpower". But it's up to us somehow to figure it out. 


What's worse? Some of us stay in this cycle for YEARS. Maybe our whole lives. We spend precious energy that we could channel into dream careers, awesome relationships...or just overall HAPPINESS. We're up and down. Our mood, how we feel about ourselves is in the hands of that scale, or the size of our body. We're stuck on the "me me me". And it's sad. 


Before I move on...I want you to ask yourself this question. "What will people say at my funeral if I died today?".


Do you think they'll be talking about the size of your body? Or how dedicated you were to the gym? Or how "fit" you were? Or even how "healthy" you were? Or do you think they'll be more concerned about how you made them feel...the impact you had on their lives...the impression that you made. 


Now I'd like to make a bold suggestion and say that I believe you've been going about this in the entirely wrong way. Remember what I said earlier about you starting on a weak, shaky foundation? Did you wonder what I meant by that? 


Let me explain...if we're so concerned about the outside appearance, we absolutely can make changes to that. Temporary changes at best. But if our self-worth is attached to something we have a lot less control over than we might think--that's what I mean by a weak foundation. Now you may be thinking "but Lauren, when I lose weight I do feel more confident, or energized, or healthy, or [insert unmet desire]?". Hold onto that thought! I'll address it in a moment. 


But the issue here is that you aren't digging deeper. You're only scratching the surface. So when there's not deep, consistent, inner changes to back up the outer're left cycling all those desires into some extreme, temporary behavior changes.


It's all short-term. 


The long-term solution? Change your habits, change your life. Cliche, right? I think we've all been told at one time or another that our habits matter. But what does that REALLY mean? And what kind of habits are we talking here? 


Let's back up for a second and re-visit your desires. You're telling me you want to be happier, or more confident, or love yourself, or find that relationship you've always wanted, land your dream career, improve your health, have more energy...etc. etc. Okay, I'm listening. I hear you. And I want you to have those things too. As a matter of fact, I wanna help you get them! 


Here's the part where you'll need to keep an open mind. As I help you to achieve those desires...the size of your body may or may NOT change along the way. Are you okay with that? Because what I can provide you with is long-term, consistent results. I can help you transform from the INSIDE out. And show you a level of happiness, confidence, and energy you never thought possible for you. I can help you pull out the inner, true you that you've always felt was buried somewhere deep inside. OR maybe even bring out a side of you that you thought was reserved for the "naturals"-those people who seem to have it all together-so much so, that we've always assumed they were just born that way. 


Are you interested? If so, stick with me! I've got some amazing things coming your way. 


Here's a quick rundown before I let you go. And if you've stuck with me this far...THANK YOU. I believe in you, and I'm here for you.


When I first started really transforming not only my physical health...but my mental and spiritual well being...I was so shocked. I was shocked because all the things I thought a certain body would give me were coming to me in so many unexpected ways. 


So what was the big difference here? I was building solid habits and rituals into six key areas of my life. These areas include mindset, self-love & care, relationships, career & productivity, environment, and food & exercise. 


I started small, and I remained patient with the process and with myself. And I experienced HUGE shifts in who I was, how confident I was, how I felt about myself, how energized I felt each day, my moods...I became an entirely different person. And that slowly started to impact the people around me. Because I was better, they became better. And I'm finally becoming the person I've always wanted to be. And it feels amazing. And now I want to bring you up with me!


I've decided to design my coaching business all around helping you to build similar habits and rituals, and weave them throughout those key areas of your life.


The best part-your journey won't look exactly like mine. And that's great! And that's why my approach is such a custom fit, personalized, unique approach. Because I don't believe there's a "one size fits all" answer. Just like one of those choose your own ending books, you get to do the same about your life. 


If you're still with me and you want to begin a new journey, your next step is to keep in touch. Visit and join my email list. Add me on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram (laurenmkepler). Email me at 


Stay tuned for my six week group coaching program releasing VERY soon...I think it might be just what you need. Until then, thanks for listening. I hope you've been inspired by what I have to say...and I'm SO looking forward to staying in touch!