The 4 Qualities of a Great Friend


You have friends, you are a friend...but have you ever really been taught how to be a great friend? 

A majority of us are going into our friendships blindly, and without intention. I know for me, it took years of hearing the same criticism from friends to realize that I had some changes to make. 

I was never really taught how to be a good friend...but through trial and error, I learned how to be a pretty damn good friend. And as a result, I've attracted some pretty damn good friends into my life. 

BUT as the saying goes...if you know better, you do better. So I'm here to equip you with the knowledge it takes to be a great friend! Dive in, my friend...



Now tell me...

Of the 4 qualities I listed, which do you already possess? Which could you improve on? Comment below, and let's discuss!