All-or-Something Living


The old me was either super active, or spent all of her time on the couch. There was no in between. She was either on a strict diet or cleanse, or eating everything in sight with no abandon. She didn't know there was another way to live.

She always thought that she was either one of those super driven, successful people that she envied...or just not worthy.

What was it that made her feel that way?

From a young age, she was taught that her worth came from her looks. And she always struggled with her weight. So she was always on a new diet, cleanse, meal plan, exercise plan...anything that promised the "dream body" that would deliver the "dream life".

As she got thinner and thinner, and became known for being super "fit" by friends and family members...the pressure to be perfect only increased. Everyone was watching and scrutinizing what she ate, how much weight she gained or lost, and looked up to her as an example of how to be "healthy".

After over 10 years of searching, she realized there was no "there". As her body improved, nothing much else happened. It didn't improve her relationships, her happiness, her confidence...if anything, it only had a negative impact on those things.

One day she decided that she was fed up. She was tired of chasing this body that she would likely never have. She realized that she was ready to learn to accept the body she was in, so that she could begin living life now, instead of waiting until she felt worthy by society's standards.

She came across a few key concepts such as Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and Body Kindness...and her world was changed.

All of a sudden, everything made sense. She began to realize that she didn't need to seek all these outside answers about what she should often...when to exercise...her body would tell her all of these things!

She naturally began craving movement, healthy foods, and began understanding how to navigate her different moods, feelings, and emotions. Her relationships vastly improved, especially and most importantly, her relationship with herself.

For the first time in her life, she learned to accept and even love her body. She began to see her body as a faithful friend, rather than an enemy who couldn't be trusted. Her weight normalized, and her binge eating behaviors ceased.

She realized that by trying so hard to be perfectly healthy all that time, she was becoming more unhealthy. By letting go, she finally experienced the true feeling of health, physically and mentally.

I am now an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I empower others to find their own version of health through learning to tap into their own inner wisdom. I no longer feel trapped by the chains of body perfection and weight loss, and am on the path to becoming the person I always knew I was.

I am far from perfect; I make mistakes all the time. But I'm okay with that. I actually now embrace the imperfection, and I love learning from those mistakes. I live what I call an "all-or-something life", meaning I live somewhere in between the standards of extreme healthiness and extreme unhealthiness.

I don't follow society's ideals of health...I experiment with what works for me. I am mentally and physically healthier than I've ever been, and I'm so thrilled to be able to empower others to find their own path to health and happiness!

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