I'm Engaged! Now What?


Getting engaged is something I fantasized about in my head over and over again since me and my boyfriend (now Fiance!) started getting serious a few years ago. 

Well...5 years in and the time has finally come! A few days ago on a cruise with family and friends present...he popped the question! 

It was so much more amazing than I had imagined it would be. Here's how it all went down...on the karaoke stage, I had just finished singing "Love me Like a Man" by Bonnie Raitt, and up strolls Jason, innocently asking me to be the prop for his performance. 

But instead of using me as a prop, he gave a quick speech about how his birthday is coming up, and I've made many of his birthday's special up to this point, and he was hoping I would make this one extra special.

Then he got down on one knee, and I died of shock! After I blurted out "yes!" and hugged my family, we performed "Let's Get Married" by Jagged Edge (which we had ironically sung together in the car on the way to the cruise ship). Aaand then he seductively serenaded me with a lap dance to the song "Pony" by Ginuwine. 

As you can imagine, it was quite the proposal! 


Now that I'm home, the house is clean, laundry is going, and I've decompressed from everything that went on in the last few days, I'm ready to start wedding planning. 

This is the part where I bring you along for the ride! I've been to a million weddings (seriously feels like a million), but I've never gotten a behind the scenes look into all the planning and work that goes into it. So I'm bringing you along as I plan mine! 

First of all, the part Jason has been dreading is paying for the wedding. In the last few years, Jason has invested a lot of money into buying a home, and other investments that come along with that. I've invested lots into building an online business that so far has only earned me a few hundred back. 

What does this mean? We're looking to plan a wedding that will cost us $5,000 or less.

Now, many think this sounds crazy (I do too). But I've actually been researching this for a while, and it's possible to have a legit wedding with plenty of guests. I've seen an article that made it happen for over 200 guests, while spending under $3,000! 

Obviously, that means I have to get creative, and plan it all myself. Good thing I have an entrepreneurial mind, and I LOVE challenges. I also love planning. 

I believe the last few years have also prepared me for this moment, as I've been doing a ton of mindset work, and learning to be patient and enjoy the process. As far as obstacles? No big deal! I love putting my crazy mind to work, and finding creative solutions. 

So far I've put some thought into the guest list (by far the most overwhelming part so far, I wanna invite everyone!), our budget, a list of big expenses I'll need to consider, and we're looking into renting out a local hotel for the big day. 

The great thing about that option is if we book the entire hotel with family and friends, we can charge about $130 per room (which is average for Vegas prices), and that would take care of the venue costs! 

As far as the rest goes, we're looking to keep it really simple. Thankfully Jason shares my non-traditional style--we rarely do what's "expected" of us, which is obvious since it took us 5 years to get engaged! 

I'm thinking simple dress, decorations, cake (or cupcakes), and onsite food truck or taco bar. I'll think about the DJ and photographer stuff a little later. After all, we have about a year and a half left to plan. Maybe even longer...depending on how finances and all that align. 

This morning I vowed to Jason that I will trust and enjoy the process of planning, I will not be a bridezilla as the day gets closer, and the day of I will relaaax and focus on my guests. After all, I wanted to have a big wedding because I wanted to bring everyone together that has made a difference in our relationship. 

Jason and I have both agreed that we want our wedding day to be focused on our guests, not us! We're really excited to share this special time with the ones we love, and I can't wait to see what comes of this wedding planning adventure! 

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