How to Run a Business and Make Time to Care for Yourself

While running a business, it's not unusual to be super busy and motivated...jumping from one thing to the next.

I know personally, when I’m learning a new skill, I want it mastered like...yesterday. Sometimes I get so deep into my goals and aspirations that I find myself forgetting to take some time to step back and recharge.

Then I crash! And soon find myself uninspired, and feeling stuck. And my business (and sanity) suffers as a result. 

Does this ever happen to you?? (Check out this article if it does)

A phrase I once heard and now use all the time says this:


 "We can’t fill another’s cup unless our own cup is full."

Or you can think of it this her book Body Kindness (which I highly recommend checking out!), Rebecca uses the metaphor of oxygen masks to explain how we must care for ourselves. You probably know what I’m talking about...that safety brief they give on airplanes about putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others??

The same goes for you when it comes to running your business, caring for your family, and the million other things that I know you have going on!

It's not selfish to care for yourself! And I hope by now you truly understand how important it is to implement healthy habits into your routine right now!

I've experimented with a ton of self-care ideas while running my business, and right now I’m gonna share my top 4 most game changing habits with you!

Schedule time to move your body

  • This can be the easiest thing to put on the back burner. But we both know how helpful it is in terms of energy and mental clarity. As a matter of fact, I just took a 10 minute walk outside before sitting down to write this, and it felt amaaaazing and so rejuvenating!
  • It’s also important to note that your exercise doesn’t have to look like anything vigorous or intense! Just go outside for a 10 minute walk, do some yoga, take a class at the gym if you have a little more free time...have fun with it! (Pro tip: you’re much more likely to exercise if you’re doing something you enjoy)

Schedule time for meal prep/grocery shopping 

  • Also super important! When we’re rushing around, we don’t always make time to sit down and nourish ourselves. Your business thrives when your brain is at its optimum level of functioning! I highly recommend setting aside at least one day of the week where you do some grocery shopping and meal prep. It will likely take just 3 hours of your time! But it will save you a lot of time throughout the rest of the week.
  • When you nourish yourself with whole foods, and sit down to eat mindfully and savor your can really make an impact on your day, your energy levels, and your productivity

Schedule time for meditation 

  • Yes, yes and yes!!! A lot of people shy away from this because they feel like it either conflicts with their religion, they don’t know how, or it’s too “woo woo” for them.
  • But I’m here to say, if you’re serious about upping your productivity and feeling charged on a daily basis...meditation is the way to go! Your business will benefit hugely as a result. 

Schedule time for fun! 

  • Sometimes we take our lives and businesses SO dang seriously. We forget to relax, let our metaphorical hair down, and have a good time!
  • I’m suuuper guilty of this one. It’s so easy for me to get into “type A” mode and forget to loosen up every once in awhile.
  • If you’re not so great at being spontaneous with your fun...schedule it into your calendar! Make it a non-negotiable while you’re at it :)

Alright, so you’re gonna follow these tips and schedule these healthy hacks into your week, right? Add them in, and watch not just your productivity soar and your business grow, but more importantly your happiness will greatly improve. Now download my guide to making these habits a reality, and let’s get going!!

I'd love to hear from you...which of these self-care items is the most difficult for you to justify adding into your routine while running a business? How can you change your mindset to feel more positively about them?