How to Overcome your Fear of Loneliness

Many of us fear being alone. We dread boredom. We eat to stuff away our feelings when we're alone. We distract ourselves with TV, naps, and anything that will take our minds off the fact that we're avoiding what's really going on for us. 


But what happens to loneliness when we've dealt with those feelings, faced our demons, and tossed away our fear of it? 


It turns into something else, something that we may actually enjoy. 


Check out this video right here to find out how you can shift your mindset about your alone time, and actually begin to see it in a positive light...


I'd love to hear your thoughts on you love being alone, hate it, or are you somewhere in between?

How can you fully take advantage of your alone time so that it brings you closer toward your goals, or allows you to show up as a better version of yourself?