How to Beat the Fear of Eating the "Wrong" Foods


CLEAN's a big trend right now. 

Dieting is out, clean eating & lifestyle changes are in. 

What most of us have yet to realize is that "lifestyle change" and "clean eating" is just a diet in disguise. 

What's wrong with "clean" eating anyway? Shouldn't we care about our health?? 

Of course! Where it becomes an issue, which is where we often go when we begin to judge ourselves and others for food choices. When we base our morality around how "good" or "bad" we are with our food choices on any given day. 

These types of behaviors and judgments can lead us into a shame spiral, which can become dangerous to self-esteem, health, and even lead to eating disorders and disordered eating (that's the way it ended for me). 

So if you feel like you can't trust yourself around food, or you're afraid of making the "wrong" choices when it comes to this video! 



Now I invite you to explore...

Which foods make you feel best? Which foods may not be the most health promoting, but you love them and enjoy eating them? What's the best way for you to find a balance between the two? (*hint: it involves seeking guidance from your body. Grab a copy of the book Intuitive Eating to learn more)