Do you Allow Fear to Hold you Back?

I love to explore the reasons why we struggle to reach our goals, or to experience change and growth in our lives. 

One of the biggest factors I've noticed (and personally experienced) is the fear of discomfort. We fear that if we try new things, or change, we might fail. We might lose friends. We might change our opinion on something. We might have to give up our pride. 

So we stay stuck. We stay playing small. Because it's comfortable, and it's easy. But is it fulfilling? Maybe for some. But rarely is that that case.

In this video, I discuss one of my fears and how I'm moving through it. I also share some tips to help you move past the discomfort, and lean into the fear of playing big!

You can check it out right here...


Now I'd love to hear your thoughts...what is one thing you've been putting off because you're afraid? How can you begin to move past this fear and start to move forward? What's one step you can take this week to move closer to your goal?