5 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth




Raise your hand if you love sweet foods!


I just raised mine!


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Because today...we’re talking all about healthy, yummy, sweet snacks!!


First of all, let’s talk about your “sweet tooth”, because a lot of people come to me feeling hopeless and out of control with their sugar habits.


Does that sound like you, too? Do you feel like once you get started, you can’t stop? Or do you feel like you crave sugar often? Especially at night time, when you’re winding down from your long, stressful (but hopefully not stressful) day??


There are a few key reasons for sugar cravings. Sometimes it’s nutritionally related, and often it’s habitually and emotionally related. Whenever you crave something sweet, here’s an exercise you can try:


Pause and ask yourself what it is you’re wanting from the sweet food. Are you craving the taste? Are you feeling down and looking for a pick-me-up?? Are you bored, lonely, angry, ashamed? What feeling is often associated with your sweet cravings?


I want you to know that it’s completely normal to crave and love sweet foods. They’re some of the most pleasurable flavors we experience!


But I totally get it...our sweet cravings aren’t always conducive to our health goals. And sometimes we just want something delicious without causing a breakout, a sugar crash, or any other consequence that your frequent sugar binges are giving you.


Here are 5 healthy sweet snacks that are not only packed with nutrients, but they’re also super satisfying. The key is to eat them sitting down, distraction free, and totally in the moment. No guilt necessary! It is never a good idea to bring guilt to the table with you. After all...eating is one of the most pleasurable things we experience as human beings. Don’t be afraid to savor everything you eat...chances are, if you truly enjoy these sweet snacks, you’ll find yourself much more satisfied than you would be from a cheap candy bar that you shove down your throat during a rerun of Friends. 


Banana Chocolate Shake



  • 1 frozen banana
  • ½ cup milk alternative of your choice (I prefer coconut or pea)
  • 1 heaping tbsp peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice)
  • 1 tsp raw cocoa


  • Blend all ingredients together. Add more milk if you prefer a thinner consistency, and add some ice if you prefer a thicker consistency.


Fried Banana with Cinnamon


  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon
  • ½ tbsp. Olive oil


  • Heat the olive oil in a pan, add banana and “fry” until the banana reaches your desired texture. Place into a bowl and add cinnamon. You can also add other fun ingredients like peanut butter, goji berries, nuts, etc! Have fun with it :)


Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries, nut butter, and granola


  • ½ cup full fat plain greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp. Peanut butter or any nut butter of your choice
  • Handful of frozen blueberries
  • ¼ cup organic granola (or any type you prefer, I like to look for whole grain versions with less sugar)



  • Microwave the nut butter in a bowl for about 20 seconds. Add greek yogurt and stir until fully combined. Top with blueberries and granola. Enjoy your fro yo imitation snack!


Peanut butter and fruit



Fruit of your choice (apple, strawberries, etc)

  • Nut butter of your choice (as you’ve probably noticed by now, nut butter is one of my go-to snack foods. If you’re allergic to nuts, you can substitute with sunflower butter or tahini)


  • Combine or dip, and enjoy!


Dark Chocolate



  • Visit your local grocery store (I like Sprouts or Trader Joes for chocolate--they have the widest variety) Select a chocolate bar that sounds most appealing to you. I prefer chocolate that is at least 90% cacao (any Portlandia fans out there??) since it has the most nutrients, and least amount of sugar. Keep in mind that it is somewhat of an acquired taste! High quality dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt is legitttt!


I hope this helped you realize that healthy snacking doesn’t have to be complicated, and I’ve given you some motivation to try some of these snacks, or even come up with some of your own!


If you enjoyed this post, I would love it if you’d share it with a friend! Or better yet, make one of these snacks for you and a friend and tell me all about it in the comments below!